Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Keep It For Myself

I Keep it For Myself
The hurt, the pain,
betrayal, and confusion, all that is gone
Poured out to the wind, carried off to the clouds
Mother nature cried tears for me
All that was left when washed away was the hope, peace, and focus...
I kept that

Blinded by guilt, fault, and finger-pointing,
Wide open eyes now read the stories through the lies,
Foolishness no longer abides, thanks for the lessons
You are the past, not my present, nor my future
Not easily broken, although to my knees I staggered,
Gathered a breath, and regained my composure
Learning grace under pressure
Faith under fire
And while I'd like to share,
I must keep it to myself.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

World at War (simple.)

There are days when I read the news and wonder how is it that we are allowed to destroy all that we touch? We are all capable of faulty judgment, and in the end we have to be willing to take accountability for all of our decisions. The economy, the violence, our relationships with others are all tied together. How will things appear to us when it is all said and done? Don't consider me hopeless or pessimistic. I take everything into account sometimes and just wonder.

In the end, there will be nothing left-
our children gone, a world bereft

Those sworn to protect, now the enemy
our innocent in deadly jeopardy,
how can we call for peace when the war is within-
our homes, families, in our children

Like a plague, we then spread to our so-called
And future hopes fall sick and die

To move forward we must step back
End every and all senseless attack
We've corrupted our own and created mutated disease

Apathy, hatred, arrogance, and greed

When Mother Earth tires of this battling family
When God cleanses this filth of her embittered body

She will start anew
Begin again a whole new body

Of work, of art, of life and love
Where the favored are all
none placed above

Hopeless right now
Faithless the rest

Seamless the fabric of a new world is rent

past mistakes corrected, future lessons learned
old plagues of before, that blood is no longer born

Assumptions of old, left to the past
Step off the pedestal
conceited superiority never meant
to be eternal

One world, one nation,
all pieces brought back together

When nothing is left
When nothing is felt
When all hope is gone
When the smoke clears
The slate wiped clean
stripped of our fears

Barren lands made fertile by tears
washed away poisons
washed away years

Destiny inescapable
Hope immeasurable

Friday, December 26, 2008

One Time

The usual suspects included me,
Now I sit idly by, letting their lives pass me
Its about business forget a friendship
It's sad you gotta reinforce it
Generally speaking you gotta stomp out all the
Divorce it, let it go

Mindless banter,
Free thought separated by foolishness
Less wealth more health
Amortization of what you brought me

Lessons of a foolish prophecy
False prophet in my eyes that were once fooled
Prayed together but it only benefitted you
Stayed together until it no longer behooved you
soothed you,

Attention whore
slammed the door at the time it was the worst
went first, let you prove your worth, less than the least...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Funny Thing

Happened on the way to bed last night, a good friend of mine and I discussed our dreams, goals, desires (whatever word you wanna use.) She discovered that she was blessed to actually be on her way to where she wanted to be. Naturally being the good friend that I am, I scolded her on bragging and proceeded to tear down every accomplishment she achieved, hence why we are still good friends. (J/K) She raised an important question though, and it set me to thinking, what am I doing to get to where I desire to be?

Is it impossible to be completely lost and to hold on to the idea of doing what you love years later? Or is it impossible to hold the fire and passion that developed from my youth? I am curious...

I'm all about my loves; music, writing, dancing (within the privacy of my own home!) and learning all things cultural. I know I am not beyond my means of living and learning more about these things but the question is, do I truly have the drive and hunger for it as before?

Question number two is: why do I have to be awake at 2:30 am thinking about this? I find this not so much disturbing as I find it annoying.